¡Ask a Comida Critic!: How 'Bout Menudo?

¡Ask a Comida Critic!: How 'Bout Menudo?

Just like the pregunta says:

Where can I get great menudo?

Full disclosure: I'm a pozole man, and birria second. Menudo? It's good, but not a dish I usually eat--birria is better to soak up booze, and pozole is better tasting.

But you didn't ask about pozole or birria, so let's get to the menudo.

The classic North County menudo, of course, is at

El Camino Real in Fullerton

, Kobe Bryant's favorite Mexican restaurant. The weekend line starts early, and I know this because my


joins dozens of other


in lugging massive pots to get it filled to the brim with steaming offal soaking in a spicy broth.

For the rest of the county, you can't go wrong with Lindo Michoacán in SanTana...but I'll save that for a proper review in the future. Details to come...

Got a spicy question for the Comida Critic? Leave it in the comments!


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