Woman crush Wednesday
Woman crush Wednesday
Photo by LP Hastings

Ashley Guzman Dessert Pop-up This Saturday!

One of the sweetest friends we've made this year is pastry chef (and former On the Line subject) Ashley Guzman. Formerly of The North Left, this Golden Foodie Award winner and contributing chef to Irenia Supper Club is hosting her first ever pop-up this weekend.

Her Sweets & Beats, dessert-only evening can be found in the old Dough Exchange spot at Santa Ana's 4th Street Market. 90's jams will be blaring, with boozy beverages available for purchase.

Per Guzman, "There will be three or four fully composed desserts. No real theme. Just market-friendly, Ashley-style food." Pricing will range between $10-$12. The party starts at 6 p.m. and continues until she's out. For more information, email her at guziemcdoozie@gmail.com We're putting in a request now for some SWV with a slice of ube pie.

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