Are You OC's Top Wingman (or Wingwoman)?

Weekly contributor Ned Raggett Facebooked me about a competition looking for the county's best chicken wings. From the page:

Think breasts are overrated? And legs aren't really your thing? Well, perhaps the title of O.C.'s Top Wingman (or Wingwoman) is just up your ally!

The rules are simple:
1) Let us know - on this Facebook page - if you intend to compete.
2) Bring enough wings for everybody.
3) Please be on time for judge's tasting!
4) Vegetarian chicken wing submissions are OK, as are homemade dipping sauces.
5) No pre-cooked wings.
6) A little gloating is required.

If you aren't planning to compete but are still coming, please bring a side dish or entree of your choice. Feel free to invite friends who may be interested.

Specific time and place are pending, but we will send updates soon.

It's scheduled for March 7, starting at noon. For more info, email Tara Bui at

Homer Simpson in French as a chicken!


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