Are You Checking Your Sunday Paper? There's Free Food Inside . . .

Friendly brekkie, or hidden agenda?
Friendly brekkie, or hidden agenda?

Who hasn't been within earshot of the conference room when a working lunch has let out? Promises of catered cookies, icy sodas and an untouched deli sandwich draw you in like a tractor beam. Or how about when a peer brings in a yummy homemade delicacy just because? Food without obligation to pay can be pretty euphoric.

Although nowadays, you can get your news without the paper cuts and inky hands, some of us still prefer folding back our favorite section. I found the Bruegger's bagel promotion in last week's Sunday edition. Three freshly baked bagels for free. FREE! With 11 locations in Orange County listed on the bag, this might as well be three $1 bills--before shmear. Or three appreciative co-workers. Maybe even a thankful spouse. Either way, there's probably one close to the office, so dig it out from the recycling pile and stash it in your purse or car for a rainy day.

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The other bag comes from last month's paper, courtesy of On the Border, found in Aliso Viejo and Irvine. Drop in for dinner, and it'll not only pay for it (up to $9.99), but you'll also get stocked up on its signature tortilla chips. We're talking a deal three times better than the bagels.  If you're leery of this particular Mexi grill and cantina, just stick to the fajitas: meat, tortillas, cheese and veggies.

If you happen to unearth either offer, bear in mind both expire April 30. Can't help but wonder, though, are both really having anniversary celebrations? Oh, who cares? It's free.

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