Are Bloggers Disappointed That Beyonce Is NOT Writing a Cookbook?

That collective sound you heard late last week is either a sigh of relief or disappointment from the blogosphere on the news that Beyonce is not, after all, writing a cookbook.

Earlier in the week, it was said that none other than Gwyneth Paltrow encouraged her to do it. Beyonce's reps finally quelched the rumor on, saying that the singer, who describes herself as a "disaster in the kitchen," has no plans to pen recipes.

So is the blogosphere at large relieved or disappointed? I would think that most bloggers who frothed at the mouth at the initial story had to have been disappointed for the same reason that late-night comedians are sorry Donald Trump isn't running for president.

Just the abstract idea of a Beyonce cookbook created a feeding frenzy like a drop of blood in a pool of sharks. "Beyonce to Publish Soul Food Cookbook Despite Kitchen Incompetence," proclaimed HuffPo.

The Stir's headline simply read, "10 Reasons a Beyonce Cookbook Is an Unappetizing Idea." The author finishes her salvo with this telling statement: "I don't want to poke fun at Beyonce, but if she publishes a cookbook, I'll have no choice but to do so. Incessantly."

Oh, those missed opportunities for anonymous snipes, cynicism and snark. Whatever will the Internet do now?

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