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    Spaghetti Postmodern - If Ed Wood were from Italy, he mightve owned Angelos and Vincis

    Photo by Keith May"Let me give you a little ambiance," our waiter said, reaching over to light a tiny tabletop candle. "It'll make all the difference in the world." He needn't have bothered. If there had been any more atmosphere in Angelo's and Vinc...

    by Chris Ziegler on November 2, 2000
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    I Dined It My Way - Eat, drink and be Frankie!

    BY OLD BLUE EYES There are places in Orange County that look Frank, sound Frank and are even named after Frank. Hell, if I had known so many joints were going to use me to get butts into their seats, I never would have croaked. Give me a piece of t...

    by STAFF on October 19, 2000
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    Yes, Mother - Mother India insists you eat seconds

    Photo by Joy BastA couple of years ago, when I worked down the street, I must have eaten lunch three days a week at Mother India restaurant--sometimes more--and I never came close to tiring of it. The food is scrumptious, and their buffet lunch (ope...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on October 12, 2000
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    The Doctor is in Pescadou - French dining with Art Davis

    Photo by Keith MayJazz musicians know food. They can tell you where to get the best grub in cities all around the world and will rave about somebody's mother--maybe their own--who turns out mouthwatering ham, chicken, rice, greens and pie for the en...

    by BILL KOHLHAASE on October 5, 2000
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    Teppan-Out - No-frills thrills at Osaka

    If your idea of an authentic Japanese meal involves sitting around a Teppan-Yaki table and watching a knife-wielding chef's floorshow-with the requisite grand finale of flipping a piece of shrimp into his apron pocket-then chew on this: Teppan cooki...

    by Matt Coker on September 28, 2000
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    Food is Sleep - 24-Hour Dining Adventures

    Photo by Jeanne RiceIt's 3 a.m., you've got enough alcohol in your belly to re-float the Kursk, and there's nothing in sight but the harsh glow of Denny's and Del Taco signs. You could let your liver go to work alone, or you could call a particularl...

    by ERNEST KEMENY on September 21, 2000
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    Cha, Cha, Cha - Tea bar brews superlative stuff

    Photo by Joy BastWatching the club-kid mixmasters concocting otherworldly brews in their cocktail shakers at Cha for Tea reminds me of nighttime in Hong Kong's trendy Lan Kwai Fong area. But I'm in Westminster, in Little Saigon's Asian Garden Mall, ...

    by KELLY VON HEMERT on August 31, 2000
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    Paradise Regained - The teeming tanks of Sea Food Paradise

    I once lived in a seafood paradise out on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, halfway between Clallam and Dungeness bays. It didn't matter that I wasn't much of a fisherman. Neighbors periodically brought over extra buckets of freshly hauled shrimp, or ...

    by BILL KOHLHAASE on August 24, 2000
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    Ice Box Memories - Getting fat, if not phat

    Photo by Patricia InsheiwatMy vividest memories of growing up in Orange County include Thrifty's drugstore, Lucci's Deli and my hunt--still ongoing--for the best frozen dessert. Raised in the crime-plagued Huntington Continentals (at Brookhurst and ...

    by BILL ORTON on August 17, 2000
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    History and Tomato Sauce - Little Joe negotiates deal between Chileans, Italians

    Migration creates strange culinary hybrids. China and Vietnam, never the best of friends, get equal billing on Westminster menus. Was it some Red-menace conspiracy that resulted in all the offbeat Chinese-Cuban restaurants that popped up around New ...

    by BILL KOHLHAASE on August 10, 2000
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    Pacific Rim Job - Dukes goes back to the islands

    Photo by Patricia InsheiwatI stumbled upon Duke's restaurant in Malibu years ago (it couldn't have been more than four years ago because that's how long it's been there and because of my, you know, short-term-memory thing). I recall the casual atmos...

    by Matt Coker on August 3, 2000
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    Feet, Meters, Rellenos - How to measure a Mexican restaurant

    Photo by Jack GouldOur standard measure of a Mexican restaurant's worth is the chile relleno. This roasted pepper stuffed with cheese (or meat and vegetables in some Central American traditions), dipped in batter and fried till golden brown may not ...

    by BILL KOHLHAASE on July 27, 2000
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    Champagne Curiosity - If youre rich, you already know about the Golden Truffle, so keep moving. The rest of you may stay

    Photo by Joy BastI'm constantly looking for experiences that allow me to transcend my class. Not that I'm poor or anything: I was born solidly middle class, son of a termite exterminator, and, despite the financial limitations of a freelance lifesty...

    by BILL KOHLHAASE on July 20, 2000
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    Pretty Vacant - Citrus City Grille, Grille, Grille, Grille...

    Photo by Keith MayOur county has an early-to-bed reputation, and there is evidence to support it, like the fact that you don't need a reservation to get into most great restaurants, even at the last minute, even on a Saturday night. I walked into a ...

    by WILL SWAIM on July 13, 2000
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    Three-Hour Tour - A Sams Seafood Escape

    Escape is futile. Take my recent attempt to flee the rigors of Southern California life (especially the unnerving traffic): a trip to the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park, where my only worry was grizzly-bear attacks. Then, on my way home, s...

    by BILL KOHLHAASE on July 6, 2000
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    A guide to our Advertisers

    Abilene Rose 10830 Warner Ave., Fountain Valley, (714) 963-1700 If you have a taste for authentic Texas barbecue, look no further. The menu at Abilene offers mouth-watering barbecued brisket--cooked for eight to 12 hours in a pit oven--and superb...

    on June 29, 2000
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    Where famous people eat!

    Photo by Jack GouldJim Righeimer Teacher-bashin', labor-bustin' OC politico, real-estate guy, and Lord of Darkness. Righeimer was afraid we were going to use this as an opportunity to make fun of him. We wouldn't do that --we think Riggy's a swell...

    on June 29, 2000
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    Jenny Lane

    Professional wrestler. Lane was plucked out of a crowd at one of Rick Bassman's wrestling shows. "He said, 'Look at the girl! She's going nuts! We have to get her in the show.'" Lane joined Bassman's Ultimate Pro Wrestling in September; by November,...

    on June 29, 2000
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    Jeremy Popoff

    Photo by Jeanne riceLit guitarist, late riser and International Superstar. Breakfast: "I'm usually not up in time for breakfast, but Allen [Shellenberger, drums] and Kevin [Baldes, bass] both say the Original Pancake House on Lincoln is really good....

    on June 29, 2000
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    Joe Foster

    Photo by Jeanne RiceGuitarist, the Killing Flame; graphic designer. BREAKFAST: "'Brunch' is a more accurate word when I think of eating in the morning. There is really only one option: Mel's Diner--best omelets in the world. Fresh avocado and tons o...

    on June 29, 2000
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