AnQi's Ryan Carson Heads Dual Pop-Ups In LA/OC
Photo by Laila Derakhshanian

AnQi's Ryan Carson Heads Dual Pop-Ups In LA/OC

We featured Ryan Carson back in July, and even then we knew his talent couldn't be contained. His molecular wizardry has sent him to bigger opportunities. In the meantime, he's offering teasers of what to expect from his future home in the form of pop-up dinners in both Los Angeles and Orange County.

Meals began last month, and are scheduled to continue until the opening of Pri-ve in West Hollywood next summer. With limited availability for their 7 p.m. seating, if you're able to nab a reservation, 8 or 12-courses of gastronomy await. Diners down here would head to his old haunt at AnQi inside Bloomingdales South Coast Plaza. The rest are seated in House of An's Santa Monica outpost, Tiato.

His out-of-the-box repertoire includes lambs feet with red endive, white anchovies, pomegranate molasses, and pickled mustard seed. There's also a chocolate dessert accompanied by a banana emulsion, chewy peanut butter ice cream, pretzel stick and micro celery.

Catch Ryan before the liquid nitro dissipates and we have to travel on the 10 (shudder) to get our science lesson on. For more information on his pop-up, you can click here.

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