Another Mongolian Hot Pot Restaurant To Come To Irvine

What I said about OC's shabu shabu/hot pot boom a couple of months ago is reiterated yet again. Ah-Lien Hot Pot is planned for Sand Canyon Plaza at the corner of Sand Canyon and Irvine Center Drive. 

Though it is going to be in a curious location not anywhere near Irvine's Asian enclaves and closer to office-park-land, it will offer pretty much what Little Sheep has been plying to residents for the past couple of months. Sliced raw meat, tofu and veggies will be offered for dipping into one of those bifurcated pots one hot (called ma la), one mild broth heated by an induction burner.

Ah-Lien (go ahead and make the "alien" jokes, har har) is based out of Rowland Heights, where there are already more hot pot restaurants than McDonald's.

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