Another Fatburger Closes
Edwin Goei

Another Fatburger Closes

There used to be two Fatburgers in Irvine. Now, there are none. The Fatburger at Park Place, on Michelson and Jamboree, is finally closed, following other Fatburgers in the area to oblivion. The company had long ago already filed for bankruptcy.

I'd thought this one would survive. It stood tall even as the Edwards Cinemas it abutted was razed. It seemed to go on even as the likes of Five Guys, The Habit, and all the other new burger entrants came on the scene. I knew it had to be struggling when it plastered my office with buy-one-get-one-free coupons; but when I visited last month during a weekday, lunchtime was as busy as ever. So it came as a surprise when I saw the place dark and gutted last night.

It appears that it officially shuttered within the last few weeks. The last of "The Last Great Hamburger Stand" in OC exists in two places: the Buena Park location and the one in Aliso Viejo. How long they'll be around is anybody's guess.

To read my review of the Fatburger at Fashion Island before it became a Five Guys, CLICK HERE.

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