Poke from Bear Flag Fish Company
Poke from Bear Flag Fish Company
Photo Courtesy of "I Love Musubi"

Annual "I Love Poke Festival" To Happen On June 30th

These are the days of poke. There are more and more places that sell the Hawaiian foodstuff of legendary deliciousness--including the Costco in Tustin, and the recently opened Pokinometry in Anaheim--that it proves mainlanders are finally warming up to this often neglected cousin of ceviche and sashimi.

And the annual festival that celebrates poke, which is appropriately called The "I Love Poke" Festival is happening this coming Monday, June 30th, at Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach.

Tickets are $65, which is kind of pricey, but it's cheaper than a flight to Hawaii, and does include tastings from every chef station who will be in attendance. There will be more than poke, of course. It is a "Hawaiian Food Festival" after all. Expect malasadas, musubis, and a whole lot of other island "grindz".

You can watch the video from the last one below. Click here for more info and buy tickets.

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