Announcing the Second KCRW Good Food/OC Weekly Happy Hour! Nov. 10!

Edwin and Kleiman, outside the Crosby during the last Happy Hour...
Edwin and Kleiman, outside the Crosby during the last Happy Hour...
Photo by Christopher Victorio

The first question everyone had after KCRW-FM 89.9's Good Food host Evan Kleiman came down with her Happy Hour caravan to the Crosby earlier this year to crowds of hundreds: When's the next one?

That was six months ago. We want to bring her down at least three times per year, but her schedule is even more hectic than ours. But we finally nailed down a date! Nov. 10! Starting at 7 p.m and going until . . .  whenever! And a location! After the jump!

The second location for the Good Food/OC Weekly Happy Hour will be at Mesa in Costa Mesa. We picked the restaurant for a couple of reasons: it's in Costa Mesa, second only to downtown Santa Ana in young culinary guns, it's always on its game for cocktails and eats, and we needed a bigger space than the Crosby's wonderfully cramped spot.

What can ustedes expect? The same as last time: specials offered by Mesa. A bunch of food-lovers gathered around good eats and drinks. Giveaways of beer, hot sauces, wine, macarons, pastries and God-knows-what-else. All the weirdo kids wearing stickers proclaiming they're Edwin or Edwina. And more.

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Expect many more plugs to come in the coming weeks, along with updates. And, as always, see you there!

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725 Baker St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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