For the next time the cute Beatle plays Angels Stadium...
For the next time the cute Beatle plays Angels Stadium...

Angels Stadium Makes PETA's List of Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Ballparks

I haven't been to an Anaheim Angels game in about two years, busy as I've been. But I gotta head down there this year to check out that kid Trout. And when I'm at Angels Stadium, I gotta check out their vegetarian options.

The motivation comes in part from PETA's recent release of the 10 most vegetarian-friendly major league ballparks, with Angels Stadium coming in at a healthy seventh for... turns out the stadium has food I never even knew existed!

"The Halos' roster is loaded with stars­­--from Pujols to Trout to Trumbo--and the concession stands at Angel Stadium of Anaheim are loaded with winning vegetarian options, including veggie dogs, black-bean burgers, bean burritos, veggie wraps, and vegetable sushi rolls," a press release quoted PETA Associate Director Chris Holbein as saying. They also gave plugs to the Halos' "roasted vegetable sandwiches on ciabatta rolls, tomato cucumber salads, and cheese-free Knothole nachos with homemade tortilla chips, vegan black-bean chili, salsa fresco, and fresh guacamole."

I can't even remember the last time I ate at Angels Stadium--oh, wait, it was some terrible Mexican food, from a restaurant I don't think exists anymore...

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