And the County Said Oink: PigOut 1.0 This Sunday

What exactly is your pork tolerance limit? Could there be a dish where bacon does not fit in somehow? Is it truly possible to get the ham sweats? Come to Newport Dunes Resort on Sunday and find out.

As Anne Marie said back in June, local kitchen man Amar Santana and orange-scarved food impresario Bobby Navarro are teaming up with pretty much every chef and bartender you've heard of in Orange County to put on PigOut 1.0 this weekend, a pork-centric festival featuring 15 separate dishes by such OC luminaries as Dee Nguyen (Break of Dawn), Greg Daniels (Haven), Alessandro Pirozzi (Cucina Alessà, Mare) and Matt Molina and Emily Corliss (Pizzeria Mozza).

Their dishes will be paired with cocktails from your favorite craft bartenders, with folks representing Mesa, 320 Main, Two 40 South, Broadway, Side Door and Napa Rose. Yes, that's right--your ticket includes your food, drinks, and parking. (Settle down there--they're half-size drinks, so that you don't get into trouble with Newport Beach's finest.)

Tickets, which support C-CAP (a culinary scholarship program) and Inspire Artistic Minds, are still available at buy them by noon tomorrow and you'll save $15 off the at-the-door prices.

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