Pan roast in the ARTIC house!
Pan roast in the ARTIC house!
Photo by Dustin Ames

Anaheim's ARTIC Announces Additional Food Tenants

We broke news in September about The Lost Bean, the first tenant to announce their plans to move into Anaheim's newest transportation hub, ARTIC. Our source passed along the official list of additional eateries soon to open, and it's looking pretty darn good.

First up, the slow and steady expansion of Ritter's Steam Kettle Cooking. If you haven't already experienced their piping hot pan roast in Santa Ana or Huntington Beach, you're missing out. Even Edwin's a fan of their quirky, yet efficient cooking methods. In addition to SKC, there will be a whole lotta shucking going on as plans for an oyster bar are also in the works. If shellfish aren't your thing, then stay for their 20 brews on tap or absinthe-based cocktails. You heard us. We met Chef Ritter last month while attending a Halloween party. Hey chef, drop us a line! We're ready for that interview.

For those short on time, Mission Market will cater to your grab-and-go needs with grocery options, essentials, magazines and ready-made foods. They will be situated right as you enter ARTIC.

The mind of Leonard Chan must be a crowded place, because in addition to his existing half-dozen concepts (not even factoring in the ones going into Tustin's Union Market) he's signed on for three more. SILO plans to serve poke, meat and vegetarian bowls alongside organic beverage options. Hive Bar is aiming for rare beers, wine and craft cocktails. Lastly, R.A.D. (Research and Design) Nano Brewery by Black Sheep Brewing sounds a lot like a gastropub with upscale burgers and meat pies. Slow your roll, son! We got tired just reading that list.

More reasons to check out the glowing hub when it debuts on December 6 (an official grand opening is scheduled the week after) include utilizing their public community space, Wi-Fi, lockers and charging stations. If we could place color combination requests for their lighting, that would be sweet.

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