An Update on Harry's Deli
Photo by Kimberly Valenzuela

An Update on Harry's Deli

Got some news from the man himself, Harrison Kho, about what to expect when his beloved Harry's Deli opens again after a long hiatus.

First of all, plans to open next week (August 6th) have been pushed back. The new date is August 13th. Harry says that this should be the last delay.

Though the lunch menu will be changed a little by jettisoning a few hot sandwiches for now, he's keeping the three of his most popular: the pulled pork, the chicken di, and the ribeye. But the good news is he's adding burgers! Yes, and fries, too. And also onion rings which he thinks will be "the best damn onion rings in the world." There will be a couple salads as well as an offering of a few craft sodas to wash it all down. 

Then there's this: he's also planning on opening for dinner this time, with a completely different menu from lunch, except that the burgers will stay on.

"[The dinner menu will be] the stuff that got me into cooking. Meatloaf, steak, fried chicken. Think classic American. Minimal use of frou frou greens and other pretentious foods. Apple pie."

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