AM/PM Hot Dogs in Santa Fe Springs Not That Good, But the Location!

As a young cabrón, I loved nothing more than to gorge on AM/PM hot dogs, to unwrap each from its foil and pile on onions, relish, chili, mustard, and jalapeños. For nostalgia's sake, I bought two on the way back from Los Angeles last week, at an AM/PM-Arco hybrid off the I-5 Freeway South Carmenita Road exit in Santa Fe Springs. Isn't it funny how memories warp the truth? Too much salt inside each processed wiener and crappy chili made for an unpleasant taste, and while the bun maintained its structural integrity under the weight of the toppings I crammed inside, they just didn't compare to what they sell at PCH Hot Dogs or Jerry's Wood-Fired Grill. Even at two for $2. You're better off boiling Farmer John's franks and rolling them around a bit in dirt.

Nevertheless, I'll return to this location again and again. See, this is one of the cheapest places to find gas in Southern California I've yet to discover, almost always at least a nickel less than Orange County's lowest prices at any given moment. Better yet, the gas station is right off the freeway exit and entrance, meaning you can pop in and out really quickly. Finally, a reward for having to endure the hell that is Los Angeles!

AM/PM Arco, 13460 E. Firestone Blvd., Santa Fe Springs, (562) 404-1018.


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