Alton Brown Makes the Second-Best Grilled Cheese I've Ever Seen

Everyone knows I love Alton Brown, and his new grilled cheese video is amazing (especially that crunch at the end), but I'm going to tell you guys: it's only the second best grilled cheese video I've seen.

First some background..

Alton is upset that grilled cheese sandwiches aren't actually, well, grilled. Rather, they're griddled, so he creates a masterful marriage of grilled cheese and grilled bread. It looks (and sounds) amazing, and I'm going to happily make/eat it if next time I'm grilling. Check the video.

But that's not the best grilled cheese I've ever seen. The best grilled cheese I've ever seen is simpler.. sort of. There's less ingredients, the technique is actually simpler, and there's a more beautiful crunch. I'm talking, of course, about Chef John's amazing inside out grilled cheese, which you can make without a grill! You can check it out in this video:

In the meantime, I'm going to go have a sandwich.

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