All That Barbecue, New Korean BBQ Joint, Opens in Irvine; Here's the Menu

All That Barbecue, New Korean BBQ Joint, Opens in Irvine; Here's the Menu
Edwin Goei

All That Barbecue, the new Korean BBQ restaurant that was on the verge of being open next to 99 Ranch in Irvine the last time I wrote about it, has opened (actually it appears to have opened about a month and a half ago while I was out on vacation). And it turns out to be not just a Korean BBQ, but an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, with one fixed price for lunch ($14.99 per person), one fixed price for dinner ($19.99 per person).

Since the restaurant does not appear to have a website as of yet, I took the liberty of scanning their menu. What you'll notice is:

1) They have come up with novel titles like "Winnie the Pooh's Snack" and "Skinny-Dipping Cow" for their menu options along with the more boring and direct English translations.

2) They have a few items that are pre-"grill-seared" in the kitchen prior to service. They describe it this way:

"Grill-searing is to quickly sear the meat on a hot charcoal grill just to cook the outer edges. This locks in al the delicious juices in the meat along with the smoky goodness of the charcoal. We will then bring the meat to your table, ready for you to continue cooking to your personal taste."

All That Bbq Menu1

All That Bbq Menu2

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