Alebrije's Grill Gets its Good Food Closeup

I love appearing on KCRW-FM 89.9's Good Food not just because it hopefully gets us more readers, but because I get to praise those OC restaurants I already reviewed to a much-larger audience than this humble rag can ever hope to brainwash. This weekend, host Evan Kleiman and I talked about Alebrije's Grill, the OC taco truck that has four great, unique qualities going for it: its taco truck rights-fighting owner, Cadillac-pink paint job, chingón chilango cuisine, and perhaps the only tacos acorazados in Southern California. It was on the latter point that Kleiman and I chatted the most, and I try to get them at least once a week, so great they are. But don't believe this wab: consider the words of the eminently more qualified Edwin.

Listen to the Alebrije's segment below, at around the 40-minute mark. One historical curveball: I told Kleiman that Alebrije's is the Brown vs. Board of Education of Orange County loncheros. I would've preferred to call them the Mendez vs. Westminster of taco trucks as I did in my original review, but that would've entailed explaining the historic civil rights case to a Los Angeles audience. If O.C. residents barely know of Mendez, what makes me think L.A. foodies would? Another battle for the Gunkist memories, alas...

Anyways, the tape:


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