Al Amir Bakery to Reopen, Meaning More Sphihas in Anaheim's Little Arabia!

A couple of weeks ago in my Forn Al-Hara review, I noted the sad demise of Al Amir Bakery, one of the few places in Orange County to sell sphihas: freshly baked pita bread topped with products ala pizza but so much better. Al Amir, for those of ustedes who didn't read the review, burned down earlier this year, and the building that housed it still is a wreck.

But last week, while driving down Ball Road heading toward Brookhurst Street, I saw a big yellow sign outside a strip mall room in the massive shopping plaza located at the northwest corner of that intersection (sorry for the run-on sentence, but am typing this on the go) stating "AL AMIR BAKERY OPENING SOON." No word on when, or whether it'll go through in this tough economy, but at least someone is working on bringing back this wonderful eatery.

And now, for no real reason, "Red River Rock"!


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