Feast your eyes
Feast your eyes
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Afters Ice Cream's Irvine Location Will Be at.. Diamond Jamboree

How much do you like crowds?

A little update to Anne Marie's story earlier this month. Thanks to an early publish on the Diamond Jamboree website, Afters Ice Cream's Irvine location has been revealed. The ice cream shop's third OC location will be at Diamond Jamboree in the city of Irvine, where it'll fit in just about perfectly.

Check after the jump for an approximate opening date.

I'm told the location will be opening in the fall, possibly in October, though there's still a lot of work to be done between then and now (like the grand opening of Afters Ice Cream Long Beach, which should be happening later this month). If the time table stays steady, that'll put the store right on track for the start of the school year at the local universities. The Irvine location will be Afters' fifth location, which will bring them half way to their goal of 10 stores for 2015.

Diamond Jamboree will probably be the busiest location yet, as it's the first one located in a extremely thriving shopping center that already attracts Afters' core demographic, not to mention all of the college students in the area and just down the road.

This, of course, will make the already crowded Diamond Jamboree even more crowded. If only they could expand...

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