Even better at midnight.
Even better at midnight.
Photo by Charles Lam

Afters Ice Cream Now Also A Food Truck

Afters Ice Cream, the ice-cream-stuffed donut shop that has become something of a phenomenon for stuffing ice cream into donuts, has an enviable problem: It's too popular. Lines were a constant fixture and were as inevitable as the calories.

A few weeks ago, it became a different kind of problem. Opening past a certain hour apparently violated some sort "conditional use permit" according to a sign they posted on the window.

So they were forced to close up their Fountain Valley shop by 9 p.m., no matter how many people were still waiting in line.

But the inventors of the Milky Bun (that's what these donut-ice-cream sandwiches are called) invented a solution. It bought a food truck to pick up after the brick-and-mortar closes at 9 p.m. They bring out the truck at and then park it a few blocks away at 3210 S Croddy Way. in Santa Ana starting at 9 p.m. It has been serving the late-night crowd until midnight as a temporary solution since earlier this month.

Here's pretty much the gist of the story in their own words.

Hi, Due to a bunch of legal stuff, our store is closed at 9PM now but we have prevailed and will remain open all the way to Midnight at our temporary location literally 5mins away at 3210 S Croddy Way. Santa Ana, CA. Thanks for sticking by us!

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