You gotta have ❤
You gotta have ❤

ABC Cake Decorating: Your Base of Cakes

You gotta have ❤
You gotta have ❤
You gotta have ❤

Let's say you somehow got talked into baking the cake for your little niece's birthday party. You were thinking of a Betty Crocker box, and icing from the supermarket. Then you find out Niece would just adore you if you'd bake a cake in the shape of a certain Disney princess. You can't buy that at Costco, and that luxe cupcakery you indulge yourself with can't help out either. Now what?


a character baking pan and get it done yourself. ABC Cake Decorating Shoppe in Orange sells and rents scores of cake pans shaped like cartoon characters, and other random molds like a palm tree or a beer mug. Problem solved!

Well, problem solved if you know how to bake already. ABC is a large specialty store with a wide selection of ingredients, pans and tools for the expert baker. Candy making stuff? Sure. Need a brown paper cupcake liner so your home baked treats look like the ones at the chichi cupcake shops? Yup. Rental equipment like multi-tiered wedding cake stands? Got that.

Wait, you don't have the slightest idea how to bake or decorate cakes and cookies? Then take a class. In the four decades that ABC has been in business, battalions of Scouts, shoals of schoolkids, and droves of DIY-ers have learned to squeeze colored goo artfully from a piping bag.

Still flustered by your lacking cake skills? Have ABC bake you a custom cake in their production kitchen--and why not use that princess cake pan for your niece. I could have told you in paragraph one that their pros will bake and decorate just about anything you want, but then you'd miss the work fun in doing it yourself.

ABC Cake Decorating Shoppe and Bakery
429 N. Tustin St.
Orange, CA 92867


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