I'd rather drink this than a Cool Lime Refresher.
I'd rather drink this than a Cool Lime Refresher.
Dave Lieberman

A Very Brief Review of Starbucks' Cool Lime Refresher

I ended up at the Starbucks on Bristol and Memory Lane today because my favorite Mexican bakery, Las 3 Princesas, didn't make any champurrado today and I needed something to dip their excellent pan de anís in. While I placed my order for a latte, the barista offered me a sample of the new Refreshers, iced fruit drinks with green coffee extract in them. They didn't have any of the jamaica flavor left, so I tried a sip of the Cool Lime flavor.

It's the most disgusting thing I've put in my mouth in a long time, including the pulque I drank on Saturday in Jalisco. Cool Lime Refresher has an awful, astringent aftertaste that gets carried around the mouth by the sweet and sour limeade. It tastes, quite frankly, like Country Time lemonade filtered through a chubby executive's stinky black dress sock.

Try again, Starbucks. If I were literally dying of thirst, my lizard brain would force me to drink it; while my sentient brain is in control, all bets are off.

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