A Taco Bell In Santa Ana Is Testing Chicken & Waffle Tacos

Well, since our OC Roscoe's appears to be in limbo (hurryyyy!), at least there's this to tide us over. Taco Bell on Grand and Warner in Santa Ana, the same location that unveiled the now-ubiquitous Waffle Taco, is testing chicken and waffle tacos.

The hungry hunters over at Foodbeast spotted the 99-cent menu item, which features a "breaded, slightly spicy chicken patty" inside a folded Eggo-like waffle, along with your choice of country gravy or syrup dressing. The location is also testing something called a Very Berry Taco, stuffed with whipped cream and a blueberry and strawberry compote, for 79 cents.

According to the reviewer, both "fell flat." Can't say we're surprised. For some real drool-inducing chicken and waffles, might we suggest No. 74 on our list of 100 Favorite Dishes?

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