A Sriracha Movie Is Coming!
Sriracha-a documentary film by Griffin Hammond

A Sriracha Movie Is Coming!

If there was ever a success story in the condiment world, it's that of Sriracha. Just in the past year, the little hot sauce that could has become a Lay's potato chip flavor (now sold on Amazon), a Subway topping and has spawned a Trader Joe's knockoff.

It's about time someone made a movie about it.

Griffin Hammond is doing just that. The Illinois-based filmmaker is producing a short documentary that explores "the fascinating origins of this beloved hot sauce and the people who love it." He recently toured Sriracha ground zero Huy Fong Foods, and is interviewing all sorts of experts and fans, including Sriracha Cookbook author Randy Clemens and the college kid who suggested Sriracha in the Lay's Do Us A Flavor competition.

Hammond expects to debut the film in September 2013. Follow his progress at www.srirachamovie.com. And if you have a Sriracha story you want to share, e-mail him at srirachamovie@gmail.com.

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