A Slice of NY Pizza's Seal Beach location
A Slice of NY Pizza's Seal Beach location

A Slice of New York Pizza to Open Second Location

Huntington Harbour residents will soon have a new neighbor: Seal Beach's A Slice of New York Pizza will open its second location, next to Trader Joe's in the Huntington Harbour Mall. According to employee Eric Hodgin, the expected opening date is early September.

A Slice of New York makes one of the better examples of a New York-style crust in Orange County because it bakes the pies directly on the hot brick floor of its deck ovens. That direct contact with the stone crisps up the crust properly. Sliding the raw dough off the paddle into the oven is an easy thing for a skilled pizzaiolo, but most shops take the lazy, sure-fire shortcut by baking pies on a metal screen. If some pizza guy tells you he makes real New York pizza and you see a screen pattern baked onto the bottom--tell him he better go back to Brooklyn and study how it's done.

According to Hodgin, there will be much more seating inside, as well as a patio. Also, there will be a few new menu items, including pastas, salads, and (FINALLY!) beer and wine. You'll be able to linger a bit without someone hovering over you, waiting for your seat, and wash down your pizza with an adult malt soda. With House of Brews and the brand-new gastropub Red Table as neighbors, we hope it'll step up with some thoughtfully curated beers and wines.

A Slice of New York Pizza, 16821 Algonquin St., Ste. 101, Huntington Beach,

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