A Place for the Bi-Niverous to Check Out Veganism

A Place for the Bi-Niverous to Check Out Veganism

If you've wondered why all the holler about veganism, there is a way for the bi-niverous to check out this alternative dining lifestyle: attend a meeting of the Orange County People for Animals (OCPA) Veggie/Vegan Luncheon/Dinner Club, whose next meeting is 1 p.m. Sunday at The Secret Spot, 3801 Warner Ave., Ste. B, Huntington Beach, (562) 592-4494.

Don't get your lettuce in a bunch, Mickey D: The Secret Spot is a non-vegetarian restaurant but also "Ovo, Lacto, Vegan-friendly." So you can order vegan options as burritos or pancakes. Indeed, part of the reason OCPA is frequenting the joint is to push the owners into offering even more vegan choices by showing non-meat, non-poultry, non-dairy, non-seafood eaters spend money, too.

The Veggie/Vegan Luncheon/Dinner Club meets the first Sunday of each month at different vegetarian/vegan restaurants. Some times it is dinner, some times lunch. Who knows, you could be so won over that you'll want to participate in the May 17 Veggie Pride Parade in New York? You know what they say: once vegan, never, er, meat-again.

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