A Mexican, An Indonesian and a Brit Walk Into a Restaurant...

Regular Forkers might have noticed that Gustavo and Edwin now have a new partner for their continuing adventures in rum, bloggery and the mashed potatoes. Please join us in welcoming Lesley McCave, an accomplished food and travel scribe, to Stick a Fork In It. A native of England now based in OC, she has recently contributed to the Rough Guides and LA Direct. Before that, she spent the better part of a decade as an editor with Time Out, London.

On this humble blog, Lesley will be holding forth pretty much every weekday on pretty much anything, as long as there's food in it somewhere. We promised her that we wouldn't make any gratuitous and totally predictable jokes about British cuisine, so instead we just decided make her feel all warm and comfort-foody by showing her a picture of a traditional English breakfast. We're just that thoughtful.


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