A Line at Nordstroms' Cafe? Macy's Signature Kitchen to Open Soon

Was doing what everyone else was doing last Saturday: shopping.

Well, that's not true.  I was with someone who was shopping.  And it was while I was waiting for her at the shoe department that I noticed this odd sight you see to the left -- a line to get a seat at Nordstroms' Cafe.

Well, at least it was odd to me, because if hunger struck while I was at SCP, I wouldn't have even considered Nordstroms' Cafe.

Yet, there they were -- shoppers lined up a dozen people deep.

So, I'm curious.  I really am.  If you were one of these folks, what did you have?  And more importantly was it worth that line?  And the prices? 

On a related note, Macy's is on the verge of opening their "Signature Kitchen" this week.

If you remember, that's the one that will feature menu items from Iron Chef Cat Cora, Marcus Samuelsson, and Nancy Silverton.

If you don't recall, here's my post on it back in September.

This week, The Reg's Candace Shih -- who seems to live at South Coast Plaza -- reports that it was supposed to open yesterday but got delayed.  She did provide a link to their menu.

I include it HERE.

This one, I just might line up for.


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