A Few Details on Rich Mead's Canyon Restaurant in Anaheim Hills

LA Weekly's Squid Ink, our sister paper's food blog, got the scoop on Rich Mead's upcoming Canyon Restaurant in Anaheim Hills.

Now, I don't know why our LA cousins would even be interested in it, seeing as how it's in our territory, embedded deep in OC (and not even Anaheim, but Anaheim Hills); but I'm glad they took the baton.

As you might recall, I broke the news that his Sage on the Coast was closing last month and that his next project was Canyon.

Blogger Jenn Garbee has more details on the new place and even got the scoop from Mead himself, who was quoted as saying that the restaurant will open "sometime shortly after Mother's Day." Mead continues to tease that it will focus on "reasonably priced, simple, fresh dishes" in a more casual space.

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Garbee reports that "He's going with the small/large plate concept, only here they're more of a customizable size kind of thing than tapas-style plates" and there will be an on-site garden.

By the way, the spot which will house Canyon, if I'm not mistaken, was the former site of Adami, a Japanese restaurant that I actually tried a long while ago. I don't remember anything about that meal. Here's hoping Mead's restaurant will be more memorable.

Canyon Restaurant, 5775 East Santa Ana Canyon Blvd., Anaheim Hills. Website (coming soon), canyonrestaurantoc.com.

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