The Crosby Trailer from ChristianLong on Vimeo.

A Documentary on The Crosby? Yup.

Yeah alright, we know we love

The Crosby

. That's no secret. But we don't seem to be the only ones.


, an indie outfit that puts out documentaries and shorts on the local music scene, has released what I've linked above: a teaser on the film its making on

The Crosby


The last one it did was called


, an artsy doc about an artsy music producer out of Santa Ana. This next video on Santa Ana's hipster-den-cum-restaurant looks to be just as, well...artsy, with gorgeous shots of street lights reflecting off rain-drenched Broadway, part of it filmed during

Dee Nguyen's pop-up restaurant

. Though I'm sure it'll focus a lot on the music, I hope for more than a little food porn from Aron Habiger's kitchen.

If you've actually missed all the coverage we've done on The Crosby: Read Dave Segal's story on their hard-won battle to open, my review, and Gustavo's recent post on their new sandwich.

**Thanks to Jay Ruiz for the tip on the teaser video.

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