99 Ranch Wants You To Know: "NOT Made in China!"

99 Ranch Wants You To Know: "NOT Made in China!"

Browsed through the online ads for 99 Ranch today and I noticed something I'd never noticed before. On their flier, attached to pictures of items that are look remotely Asian in origin, there are now big cartoony bubbles that proclaim "Made in Taiwan" or "Made in Japan".

I'm pretty sure that before the Chinese milk scandal, they didn't bother doing this. So obviously, someone got wise and included the country of origin, because, let's face it, everyone's a little nervous nowadays about Chinese products -- especially when you still do your shopping in a Chinese supermarket like 99 Ranch.

Since everyone's already checking the "Made In" labels anyway, to me, this doesn't seem opportunistic -- just reactionary. Though, if you look closely at the flier, you'll also notice that there are Asian items that do NOT have the "Made in Taiwan" or "Made in Japan" text bubble.

Any guesses where they are from?

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