9 Great Avocado Dishes in Orange County

6. Dogzilla at Dogzilla and Burntzilla (Irvine)

9 Great Avocado Dishes in Orange County
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Avocadoes on a hot dog aren't an everyday thing, and that's exactly why the Dogzilla dog is so great. Instead of traditional ol' mustard and ketchup, this dog is topped with grilled onions, Japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce, furikake, bacon bits, and avocado and is served in toasted King's Hawaiian buns.

Dogzilla, Irvine, (714) 805-8857; dogzillahotdogs.com; Instagram: @dogzillahotdogs Burntzilla, 14407 - 14493 Culver Dr, Irvine, (949) 392-5995; burntzilla.com; Instagram: @burntzilla

5. ABC at Peter's Gourmade Grill (Tustin)

9 Great Avocado Dishes in Orange County
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We've all seen or had a burger with avocado in it, but not all are on the level of Peter Gourmade Grill's ABC Burger. A classic at the restaurant, this burger consists of hand-formed patties, white and cheddar cheese, thick slices of bacon, and avocado inside of toasted potato buns. In each bite, you can taste the juiciness of the meat, smokiness of the bacon, and contrasting creaminess of the avocado.

14311 Newport Ave, Tustin, (714) 832-2099; gourmadegrill.com; Twitter: @gourmadegrill

4. Avocado Avalanche at Tastea (Costa Mesa and Garden Grove)

9 Great Avocado Dishes in Orange County
Photo Courtesy of Tastea

There's a drink for everyone at Tastea, but lovers of creamy ones should consider the Avocado Avalanche, a classic avocado smoothie. The avocado flavor is rich and not too sweet, which makes it ideal for those who can't down Starbucks frappucinos or hyper-sugary drinks from 7-Eleven. Remember to drink using a boba straw instead of a thin one, though--it goes down extra smooth.

10189 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove, (714) 539-1832 1175 Baker Street, Suite E-21 Costa Mesa, (714) 634-2622 tastea.net; Instagram: @drinktastea 3. HB Avocado Original at Avocado Cafe (Irvine)

9 Great Avocado Dishes in Orange County
Anne Marie Panoringan

It's all in the name. Yes, nearly every menu item here has avocado in it, just like the cafe's name implies, and it's all toothsome. But the one we like best of all is the HB Avocado Original. Here's what Anne Marie has said about it:

Light mayo, mustard and tomato are standard regulation on the HB Avocado Original tuna sammy, but it's the remaining ingredients that reel us in. White cheddar and sprouts are two of our favorite toppings-- subtle, but impactful enough to make a difference. Cucumber and soy bacon bits sound meh in theory, but give the crunch this sandwich craves.

6060 Scholarship Dr, Irvine, (949) 752-0523; avocadocafeirvine.com; facebook.com/AvocadoCafeIrvine

2. Poke Bowl with Godzilla Sauce at Poke District (Orange)

9 Great Avocado Dishes in Orange County
Kristine Hoang

The poke craze is still amongst us, but who can complain? The sushi-in-a-bowl concept is just too perfect for the extra heat. Those who want to cool down in the summer should opt specifically for Poke District's poke bowl with Godzilla sauce--that is, avocado aioli. For a creamy mouthfeel, ask for sliced avocadoes to go on top of your rice and seaweed.

1924 N Tustin St, Orange, (714) 602-7907; poke-district.com; Twitter: @poke_district

1. Avocado Ice Cream at A La Minute (Orange)

9 Great Avocado Dishes in Orange County
Charisma Madarang

Few places in Orange County do avocado desserts well--and almost no one makes avocado ice cream the way A La Minute does. The former winner of our "Best Use of Avocado" category, it highlights the avocado's best qualities and uses vanilla bean and honey to accentuate the flavor. Here's Charisma's take:

Made using a liquid nitrogen process, the ice cream's texture is exponentially creamier and softer than the regular churned kind. Served in either your choice of cup or cone, portion sizes are bountiful and make for a solidly refreshing treat.

117 N Glassell St, Orange, (714) 363-3470; alaminuteicecream.com; Instagram: @alaminute


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