#87. Mandoo at L&M Liquor and Deli
Dave Lieberman

#87. Mandoo at L&M Liquor and Deli

Welcome to the 2011 edition of Stick A Fork In It's 100 Favorite Dishes. We've just kicked off our countdown to #1 (which will appear the same week as our compendium on all that's good and right about Orange County).

When Anna's Mondu closed in Garden Grove earlier this year, I was heartbroken. I still haven't managed to eat in the restaurant that replaced it, but I have started looking for my Korean dumpling fix. I like Myung In, but on a recent abortive trip to Habuya, I stopped in at L&M Liquor and Deli, a prototypical corner liquor store with the deli part replaced with... homemade dumplings. Really, really well-made homemade dumplings. I fell in love... you will too.

L&M Liquor and Deli, 14211 Red Hill Ave., Tustin; (714) 838-4001.

Click here for our 100 faves from 2010! The list so far this time around:

No. 88: Chicago Dog at Chicago Harv's
No. 89: Sweet Potato Tater Tots at Pee Wee's Famous
No. 90: Kaya-Stuffed French Toast at Chomp Chomp
No. 91: Egg Breakfast at Rick's Atomic Kitchen
No. 92: Sticky Rice With Chicken at Quan Hy
No. 93: Beef Koobideh at Hen House Grill
No. 94: $5 Fish Bento at Bentoss
No. 95: Milanesa Sandwich at Piaggio's Gourmet on Wheels
No. 96: Samurai Burrito at Wafu of Japan
No. 97: Carnitas Gordita at Bodega R Ranch Market
No. 98: Spam Musubi at k'ya Street Fare
No. 99: Tortilla Andorra at Anepalco's
No. 100: Lemongrass Chicken, Extra Spicy at Vietnam's Pearl

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