85 Degrees Bakery Cafe, Legendary Coffeeshop, to Open in Little Saigon!

The only time you'll see this place with no lines...We have written many stories on 85 Degrees, the insanely popular Taiwan-based coffeeshop at Diamond Jamboree in Irvine with the insanely wonderful sea-salt cofee, over the years. The line really is that long; the wait really is that worth it.

Now comes word from our dearly missed Weekling Michelle Woo that 85 Degrees is opening a second OC location, in Garden Grove's chunk of Little Saigon. WHOA...

It'll be located at 9892 Westminster Ave., Ste. 313, Garden Grove, in the Mall of Fortune, the dilapidated collection of restaurants and shops near the corner of Brookhurst Street and Westminster Avenue best known as being in front of Brodard and in the same shopping plaza as New Trieu Chau. No news on when it's opening, or how big it'll be, but they did just have a hiring fair so expect to get your fill soon--and expect the lines to be as long as they are in Irvine with a second of it opening

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