The line at the Irvine location
The line at the Irvine location
Edwin Goei

85°C Bakery Cafe Opens in Fullerton

Six years ago, there was only one 85°C Bakery Cafe in America, and it was in Irvine's Diamond Jamboree. Now there are four in Orange County alone. The latest one just opened in Fullerton at 535 N. Commonwealth Ave., and it serves all the things the others serves: fresh baked bread gilded with all manner of savory toppings, pretty cakes, and their sea salt coffee drinks.

With its Buena Park location opening earlier this year, the Taiwanese bakery seems to be living up to the nickname as the "Starbucks of Taiwan".

And just like Starbucks openings, there will be a point when the opening of another 85°C won't be noteworthy enough for a blog post. But for now, with the crazy lines at the original location still not abating, I don't think we've reached that point yet.

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