85°C Bakery Café Buys An Industrial Building In Brea; Is This The End Of Its Fresh-Baked Goodness?

85°C Bakery Café Buys An Industrial Building In Brea; Is This The End Of Its Fresh-Baked Goodness?

The OC Register's Jon Lansner broke the news today that 85°C Bakery Café--the bakery that to this day attracts lines that some people have called "retarded"--has just purchased a 70,492-square-foot industrial building in Brea for $5.64 million. He quotes a representative from the real estate company who brokered the deal as saying that "the industrial building will serve as the chain's corporate bakery, enabling the chain to grow." Essentially this will be a factory. The Filipino bakery Red Ribbon operates this way. They don't bake anything in the individual stores.

Does this development mean that the 85°C Bakery Café in Irvine and Hacienda Heights will follow the example and cease to bake their own items in-store and rely on this centralized factory for shipments? One hopes not, because the entire dynamic, the reason for 85°C's appeal is that you are ensured that what you buy is just inches and seconds away from the oven.

In my first review of the place I said:

"The crowds guarantee that nothing stays unbought longer than a few minutes. Stocks are continually replenished, and this fact makes everything crackle at its most optimal, which, in turn, brings in even more customers. It's a self-feeding cycle of freshness. Sometimes, what you eat is only seconds removed from the oven. I plucked coffee bread from the arms of an employee carrying out a tray from the kitchen. Its fluffy insides billowed java-perfumed steam when I tore it open. A few moments later, the rest sold out. Lesser bakeries would revert to boring, easy-to-churn-out standards to keep up with this kind of demand, but 85°C's popularity seems to only embolden its resolve and spur its creativity. Every hour yields something new."

Yes, I just rewarmed that last part from something I produced a long time ago. Let's hope that 85°C doesn't do the same.

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