85°C Bakery and IKEA Meatballs Featured on New Travel Channel Show

85°C Bakery and IKEA Meatballs Featured on New Travel Channel Show
Edwin Goei

What I thought I was watching last night as I sat down in front of the TV to eat dinner was one of those incessant "Food Paradise" shows, which, frankly, I've grown tired of. It only takes a hundred pronouncements by the people they interview proclaiming their local hot dog, burger or BBQ is "to die for" for it to get old. But as I was about to change the channel, I realized this wasn't that show, but a new show called "Fast Foods Gone Global"...and was that Irvine's 85°C Bakery they're going to profile next? And Yoshinoya? And Din Tai Fung? And Beard Papa's? And IKEA's meatballs?

It did, in fact, cover all these subjects in an attempt to show that as our fast food brands are invading foreign shores, the reverse is also happening. Though this episode aired for the first time last night, the series actually debuted a few weeks ago and is broadcast every Wednesday (check your local listings). The other 9 episodes chronicle how American fast food chains adapt to local tastes and customs when they go abroad

If you missed it, the show with Irvine's 85°C Bakery will surely be playing again, and again in repeats, as Travel Channel is known to do. But here I've included the video that is quite conveniently available on their website.


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