Spicy tuna roll-Yard House style.EXPAND
Spicy tuna roll-Yard House style.
Angel Grady

84. Spicy Tuna Roll at Yard House

The Yard House chain is known mostly for their enormous selection of craft beers and better-than-average pub food. So you can forgive folks for usually skipping over the spicy tuna roll on its extensive menu. But that's a mistake. Behold ring of ahi seared rare pressed between edamame, cucumbers and avocado, with delicately placed strips of seaweed on the outside. Shaved red cabbage and black sesame seeds top this stack with a drizzle of sesame oil, wasabi soy sauce and drops of Sriracha. And a finishing touch: a piece of fried ginger. 

It's really more of a tuna tower than any roll, but whatever: Yard House's version is corporate cuisine at its finest. More, please! 


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