#81: Quesadilla Chilanga at Alebrije's Grill

#81: Quesadilla Chilanga at Alebrije's Grill

Since nobody could guess the exact name of last week's Guess Where dish, I'll tell you now. It's a quesadilla chilanga from the pink Alebrije's lonchera parked on Cubbon and Main Street in  Santa Ana. Some of you guessed almost right, but a quesadilla is not a taco,  not a mulita, not a huarache. They're all items that Alebrije's makes, and if they make the distinction, then so will I.

This truck took the number one slot in last year's 100 Favorite Dishes list with another oversized specialty, the taco acorazado. Not to short-shrift the opinions of my esteemed fellow Stick-A-Forkers Gustavo, Dave and Edwin, but I'm not in love with the battleship of tacos. I am in love with his "little" sister, the quesadilla chilanga.

What makes this a chilango (i.e. Mexico City) style dish? I don't know, as the times I've had what's called a quesadilla in DF, it's either been a gordita-like, folded-over disc of raw masa sealing a wad of melty cheese, rajas, some meat and then deep-fried, OR queso fundido accompanying a few fresh tortillas, grilled bulb scallions and meat. Two totally different things called by the same name.

The latter definition is what's served at Alebrije's, only super-sized. Fresh masa is hand-patted into a substantially thick tortilla the diameter of a personal pizza and gridled until it's perfectly cooked. Queso fundido (specifically melted Monterey Jack), sauteed mushroom, minced slices of ham, lettuce and pineapple are folded inside, squirted with cooling, tart crema and showered with a snowdrift of grated cotija cheese.

The juices of the sauteed mushroom and Jack cheese do their best to soak into the hot tortilla, which admirably fights off the umami-rich onslaught. Together with the sweet, acid pineapple, the salty lactic tang of the cotija and the meatiness of the ham, eating this is a two-handed exercise in directing the juices into your mouth and not onto your clothes.  The styrofoam plate isn't so much a platform to set down in your lap as it is a dump truck to tilt all the goodness down your happy maw.

Alebrije's Grill: Cubbon and Main Streets, Santa Ana.
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