#75. Barracuda Sushi at Ohshima Sushi

From now until our Best Of issue, we are counting down our 100 favorite dishes of the past year. If you've missed some, we've included a linked list at the end.

#75. Barracuda Sushi at Ohshima Sushi
Dave Lieberman

#75. Barracuda Sushi at Ohshima Sushi

I didn't even know barracuda was edible. It was a slang term in my elementary school for a tagalong--a nuchshlepper--you know, a barracuda. When I discovered what it actually was, my teacher informed us that it was not, in fact, edible, and I took her word as Gospel until one night in a tiny, excellent sushi bar on Orange's busy Tustin Avenue, when I was served barracuda.

It was, of course, excellent. A firm texture, nearly crisp--what the Chinese would call 脆 (cui), with a surprisingly delicate flavor and an unbeatable pop. This is a fish to eat for the texture as much as for the flavor.

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Ohshima Sushi, 1956 N. Tustin St., Orange; (714) 998-0098.

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