7-Eleven To Give Out Free Slurpees Tomorrow on 7-11

7-Eleven To Give Out Free Slurpees Tomorrow on 7-11

Why is 7-Eleven picking tomorrow to offer free Slurpees (at participating locations) to whomever would like it? Well check the calendar. Today is July 10, which makes tomorrow...yep...7-11. Clever. Supposedly it's also the 85th birthday for the convenience store chain.

I say it's perfect timing. If you've actually been outside lately, the weather around here is finally catching up to the non-stop news coverage about heat waves every where else. Tomorrow your brain freeze is covered...

They'll begin the promotion from 11 a.m. to, what else, 7 p.m.The cup, by the way, is 7.11 ounces. Clever, indeed.

Makes me which I can publish this post tomorrow at 7:11 a.m. But I eighty-sixed that idea.

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