5 Funny & Sexy Food Commercials from Thailand

5 Funny & Sexy Food Commercials from Thailand

Pick a random country and there will be TV commercials employing humor and sex to sell food. Here's a few of the best from Thailand in what I hope to be an ongoing series of similar posts (YouTube search, don't fail me now!)

5. Instant Noodles

Sexy girls in a hot tub as a visual metaphor for noodles. Need I say more?

4. Green Tea

Simultaneous boob lift and liposuction...is there anything green tea can't do?

3. Tuna 

This one's a series of many where the stomach has a mind (and mouth) of its own, sort of like Kuato in Total Recall.

2. Frozen Dinner

This commercial is comforting because it shows that even single Thai men who can't cook also have to resort to frozen meals just like men every where else.

1. Beer

Don't you hate it when you're finally reincarnated into human form only to get flattened by a panda. Wait. What?

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