5 Awesome Food-Themed Halloween Group Costumes

Halloween is upon us. Being food bloggers, we're big fans of food-themed costumes. (Though please, if you go as Sriracha, aim for cute Sriracha rather than slutty Sriracha, mmm kay?) 

If you've got a group of food-loving friends, the results can be even more amazing. Here are five Halloween food groups. (Har har, food groups--get it?)   

1. Taco Bell Hot Sauce 

5 Awesome Food-Themed Halloween Group Costumes

Sexy, creative costumes (we enjoy the "Open quickly...I'm burning up in here" innuendo), but Del Taco's Del Scorcho packets would have been our choice.   

2. Bacon

Bacon is an obvious choice these days but masses of humans dressed as cured pig fat is still a grand sight to behold. This photo was not from Halloween but from San Francisco's Bay To Breakers 12K race, which makes it even more awesome.  

3. S'mores    

Yum! Hey, if these people hook up with the bacon people, they'll get bacon s'mores.  

4. Cheeseburger 

This pretty much wins everything. 

5. Corona Bottles

5 Awesome Food-Themed Halloween Group Costumes
Coolest Homemade Costumes

One Corona bottle? Ehhh. A Corona six-pack? Awesome. Cheers! 

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