30th Annual Orange County Korean Festival Moving To Buena Park This Weekend

You need further proof that Buena Park is the new frontier for OC's Korean population? The 30th Annual Orange County Korean Festival is moving there from Garden Grove.

The event, which starts Thursday and continuing to Sunday, will be held at McCumber Shopping Center on 5450 Beach Blvd. There will be K-Pop starts in attendance, over 150 booths (most of them serving food like clam soup and other specialties), a parade on Saturday (from 2 to 4 p.m.), and what's expected to be 150,000 attendees. New to the festival this year: alcohol. There will be a beer & wine tent where soju will, no doubt, be poured.

For more information: click here, a site helpful only if you can read Hangul. Otherwise, see you there!

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