29-Cent Tacos This Wednesday At Del Taco

Dave found the burger deal of the month, but I stumbled upon the taco deal.

At the Mexican chain that is drama-free compared to Taco Bell, the magic coin total is 29-cents for a regular taco this Wednesday, August 10, only. Take your starving (metaphoric or literal) self down to the nearest Del Taco for dinner, after emptying those cup holders and jeans pockets for spare change. There's a limit of 12 tacos per customer, so if you don't factor in extras, we're thinking $3.80 after tax for a dozen crunchy snacks.

It's being called the Customer Appreciation Event. As with any event, there are a few minor details to watch out for. Here you go:

The designated hours for this 29-cent steal are from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.; no exceptions. In addition, there's a list of locations NOT participating, which can be found at this link. As of Sunday, there were no Orange County locations on this list.

Kinda hard to believe a deal better than their 3 for $1.09 Tuesday taco deal, but they've outdone themselves, if only for one afternoon. Care to sweeten that deal? Try some of their new funnel cake fries, served with a side of icing (cavities, anyone?) while you're there. Liking them on Facebook also entitles you to a free nacho crunch burrito with any purchase, but it's not valid with any other offer, so save it for next time.

Think they're competing with (Unofficial) National Taco Bell Day? We think so.

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