#17. Mexican Teriyaki Bowl at Mos 2

#17. Mexican Teriyaki Bowl at Mos 2

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Decades before Kogi was an "inspired" idea in the head of OC native Roy Choi, another Asian-Mexican fusion feast was enrapturing Orange County: MOS Burgers, a Japanese-American burger stand not related to the Japanese fast-food empire, set up in deepest, darkest SanTana: off Edinger. It no longer exists, but it spirit lives on in the four Mos 2 locations still operating, and its place in Orange County (even Southern California?) culinary history is assured: here is where the Mexican teriyaki bowl was born--or at least, has reached its apotheosis.

A yellowing

Orange County Register

article dating from 1989 that hangs at the SanTana branch next to the city's DMV office celebrates the original Mos Burgers as a prime example of


cuisine, a horrible name for what we call fusion. Years later, that same critic would call its teriyaki burrito "plain weird"--a comment that nowadays we'd all call borderline racist, and absolutely stupid. But Mos 2 eventually whittled down the menu to teriyaki plates and bowls, changed how it prepared them to match the palates of Santa Ana and Anaheim, and earned the undying devotion of thousands of high schoolers.

I'm one of them. Eating a Mos 2 teriyaki bowl--beef shaved until it resembles the meat in a carne asada taco, cebollitas chopped up and thrown on top, teriyaki sauce and Tapatio on the side; loving the fact that the clumpy white rice below the beef absorbed said condiments (some grains soaked up only the teriyaki; others, the Tapatío), then washing everything down with a massive, frosty, too-sweet horchata--takes me back to Anaheim High, circa 1997, crossing Lincoln Boulevard after school for a bowl. To all-day study sessions in a garage while attending Orange Coast College and working at the now-defunct Family Fun Center. To this morning, scarfing down a bowl before lunch because I hadn't scarfed down a bowl in so long. There is nothing pretty about the food--just a big, massive, delicious mess, much like the city that spawned it and the culture that embraced it the most.

The Mos 2 Mexican teriyaki bowl isn't even the best teriyaki bowl in Orange County, and probably isn't even the first mestizo bowl of its kind, but give me the bowl over the vast of OC's offerings on any given lunch.

Mos 2, 1008 W. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, (714) 772-8543; also at 221 S. Grand Ave., Santa Ana, (714) 835-8288; and 1933 W. 17th St., Santa Ana, (714) 541-5997.

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