11 Great OC Burgers to Try for National Burger Month

Can you handle it?
Can you handle it?
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If you didn't already know, May is national burger month, which means for 31 days, Americans from the East Coast to the best coast unite to celebrate the one thing we all can agree on: the deliciousness of patties and buns. In Orange County, we've got some great burger spots ourselves, whether they're traditional, experimental, mom-and-pop, or even chains (wait, what?) That being said, here are 11 different burgers to try in honor of this holiday. Go crazy, y'all!

11. Cheeseburger at TK Burger

A classic
A classic
Photo by The Mexican

A disclosure for some of you: There will be many fancy, poncy burgers on this list, and that's a good thing because the burger as a medium is so great it deserves to be explored. But for those of you who just want a solid, classic American burger, go to TK Burger, the wonderfully home-grown chain that serves as classic of one as there will ever be.

If you've been (as you should) you'll know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you're missing out.

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110 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach 2119 W.Balboa Blvd., Newport Beach 2966 Bristol St., Costa Mesa 24902 Chrisanta Dr., Mission Viejo 2212 S. Lyon Street, Santa Ana

10. Fresno Fig Burger at Eureka!

11 Great OC Burgers to Try for National Burger Month
Kristine Hoang

A burger with fig marmalade? La di daah (pinky's up, my friends). The most impressive thing about the fresno fig burger is its cohesive marriage of different flavors: tangy goat cheese and mustard, sweet fig marmalade, and savory beef and bacon. From afar the whole burger looks like some avant-garde experiment gone wrong, but its ability to elicit surprise in each bite is what gets it 10+ points from us.

4143 Campus Drive, Irvine, (949) 596-8881; instagram.com/eurekairvine 7631 Edinger Ave. Suite 1524, Huntington Beach, 714-230-3955; instagram.com/eurekahb

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