10 Great Sandwiches in Orange County

10 Great Sandwiches in Orange County
Edwin Goei
For this list of things eaten between two slices of bread, I've limited it to those that couldn't possibly be mistaken for a hot dog or a burger (thank goodness we already did those lists). Even then, the problem with these 10 listicles is that I still had to cut out a great many sandwiches for space. And there was simply no room for those like Mil Jugos' arepas which I had to disqualify for not technically being a sandwich...though it sure eats like one.

What's left is what I consider my essential sandwiches. Some are new finds, some are old standbys, a few are exorbitantly expensive, most are dirt cheap; but all are favorites of mine. What's yours? Share them in the comments.

10. French Dip at Houston's

Houston's should be the model for how to run a modern American restaurant. The service borders on impeccable, with an exactness of purpose you'd expect from professionals. And the French dip is glorious in its simplicity, a compact and lusciously tender beef sandwich under a properly toasted butter-soaked roll. It's an expensive sandwich, perhaps the costliest you'll ever encounter, but the meat, all luscious pink and carved from an actual slab of cow, is where all your money went. It also comes with one of the better mounds of fries in existence.

9. "The Wicked" at Which Wich

10 Great Sandwiches in Orange County
Edwin Goei

Thanks to Subway, some people tend to turn their nose at sandwich chains. But here's growing sandwich chain that, in my humble opinion, is actually good. They use a crusty baguette-type bread second only to the ones the Viets use for banh mi. My preferred sandwich is called "The Wicked", basically almost every meat on the menu, and three cheeses you can choose from a list of seven. As you fill in your choices in their efficient bag-as-ordering-ticket system, you'll think to yourself, "What the hell am I doing? I already have five kinds of meat. Do I really need three kinds of cheeses?" Yes. Yes you do. What results is kind of glorious. The cross section cut shows it all: the veggies are strategically centered in the middle so as not to dampen the precious crispness of the bread, which is further protected by layered rings of the meats and cheeses. In every bite, the sauces intermingle, asserting itself through the sweet and porky clout.

8. Monte Cristo at Disneyland's Cafe Orleans

With Disneyland food, it seems as though that if it's deep fried, you can't go wrong. Case in point: the corn dog, and something we don't talk about as often here on this blog, the Monte Cristo sandwich at Cafe Orleans (it's also offered at the Blue Bayou if you really want to pay more than you already are). It's greasy, crispy, and dusted with powdered sugar. Since it's essentially a batter-dipped, deep fried turkey, ham and cheese, it's probably good that the only place you can get it is behind the park gates, accessible only after you pay the exorbitant ticket prices. Though, if you're currently a Disney Cast Member, I hear that they serve the sandwich somewhere in one of the employee cafeterias at a substantial discount. Lucky you.

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